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Introducing: The Young Adult Book Club
Hey everyone! After great thought and suggestions I’ve decided to start a book club, open to anyone and everyone who is willing to join. It’s labeled the young adult book club simply because that’s mostly what I read but I’m open to anything and the books will venture out of this category from time to time.
There’s no rules to join, you don’t need to be a certain age.
This book club is still in the process of being created, I have a blog up but it’s not completed but I suggest you go follow it as it’ll have all of the book club updates!
The book club will be under construction until sometime in August, right now I’ll just be working on getting members and completing the blog. After that there will be a poll put up with a selection of books you can vote for, the highest amount of votes will become our first book of the month! (for faster readers or people that already have the books needed, I’ll also have a separate 2 week discussion with a different book) 
I’ll have more information about the book club on the blog when I have it completed:
If you’d like to join:
reblog this (let’s get the word out)
send me a message saying ‘YA book club’
I’ll reply with a join link
feel free to introduce yourself once added to the group
leave suggestions for books to be added to our first poll
I’m super excited for this to get started, don’t be afraid to suggest any type of book!
please send all questions and/or suggestions regarding the young adult book club to: